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community Development

The objectives and activities under this department are aiming at improving wellbeing of the entire population of the district, particularly the disadvantaged, Youths,Illiterate,Disabled,Women, elderly and workers.

In the last five years, this department has received support from Non –Government organizations, Faith based organizations and other development partners. Among these are; Nurture Africa, Save for   Health Uganda, MUNASO, SORAK, Mildmay, UNFPA, UNICEF,CSF, Compaction International through Child Development centers.

Milestones reached in this sector have been;

Wheel Chairs for people with disability were received and distributed to various beneficiaries especially Children to help them to be to go to schools


Under Community Demand Driven program, the district received funds, to support development groups engaged in income generating activities in the different Sub-counties.

Among the projects that have been funded include;

procuring plastic chairs, Tents and sauce pans, piggery and others.

YLP funds worth 406,370,000 UGX, were received where 51 youth groups benefited in the first phase



Some of cattle which were bought on YLP in Bagezza Sub County.

 The District Chair person inspecting some of cattles which were bought by Youth under YLP.