Political and Administrative Structure

Administrative structure


The District Local Council is the highest political authority in the district.  It has 38district council  members headed by a District Local Council Chairman who serves as the Political head of the district.


The District Local Council has a technical team divided into eleven departments namely – Management Support Services, Finance, Production & Marketing, Health, Education & Sports, Works &Technical Services and Water, Natural Resources, Community Based Services, Planning Unit Internal Audit and Trade, Industry &LED Departments.  The Technical Team is headed by a Chief Administrative Officer.




The District is divided into 3 Counties (Buwekula, Buwekula south and Kasambya),

Municipality                                                                       1

Municipal Divisions                                                          3

Town Councils                                                                   3

Sub Counties                                                                     13

Parishes                                                                               78

Villages                                                                                 594