The Chief Administrative Officer Mubende district has applauded former town clerk Nabingoola Sub County for the hard work and timely service delivery following her untimely death.

Mr. Tumusiime Leonard Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mubende district stressed this during requiem of the former town clerk Nabingoola town council MS Kyaligonza Pearl Christine at Kisekende cell, Kisekende ward south division Mubende municipality who passed on the 10th /JAN/2023.

Mr. Tumusiime noted that “As a district we have lost a staff, a member of the team, and a very instrumental team player, too reliable, very dependable, social and a very good communicator who would always provide feedback.

Mr. Tumusiime added that; “Kyaligonza pearly Christine entered the public service of Mubende district way back in 2012 , about 12 years ago and served in different stations as a sub county chief for Kasambya sub county, Bagezza sub county, Madudu sub county and currently she was assigned the duties of the town clerk of an upcoming town council of Nabingoola.

“On Wednesday, I was personally present at Mulago specialized unit and I saw Christine in the last moments of her life, we were all saddened, hand capped because there was absolutely nothing we could do. But she passed on as a very brave woman. When you have God presiding over a case, and he has delivered his judgment you cannot appeal, we have accepted the decision that it was God’s plan, it’s him who takes, and it’s him who gives, so Kyaligonza was taken by the lord and hopefully we shall meet her there. Mr. Tumusiime explained.

Mr. Tumusiime noted; ”I want to thank everyone especially those whose efforts were geared towards saving the life of Christine, right from the day she was taken to the hospital up to when she breathed her last, a number of efforts were made by contributing funds. To the bereaved family let this incident not be a test on your faith, remain anchored to the lord because he is the sole provider, he has solutions to all the problems and for the young ones he has already charted a way for them, do not waiver in this trying moment.”

Lc v chairperson Hon Muhereza Ntambi Michael informed the congregation that hard work always pays. Several people have gathered here today in huge numbers to celebrate the life of the Christine because she has played a pivotal role in service delivery and therefore applauded Christine’s father Mr. Asaba Pascal for raising a well behaved daughter who was hard working and always determined to reach her goal.

Mr Birungi Abubaker the Deputy Resident District Commissioner noted that Mubende district local government is sudden by the death of a civil servant who was committed towards her job.

Mr. Birungi further reminded the residents that government has come up with new programs like operation wealth creation, Emyooga, PDM meant to benefit everyone to improve on the welfare. It’s important that every individual should be engaged in these programs for the development of their communities and families.

Hon Bashiri Sempa Member of Parliament for Mubende municipality and Hon Nakazibwe Hope Grania woman Member of Parliament for Mubende district applauded Kyaligonza for being an exemplary leader who has served her community diligently.

Ms. Kyaligonza was laid to rest at Kisekende cell, Kisekende ward, south division, Mubende municipality

Thursday, January 11, 2024