The Prime Minister has cautioned Mubende district leaders against disunity but rather focus on team work in service delivery for the development of the district.

Rt Hon Nabbanja Robinah Prime Minister of Uganda stressed this while presiding over Mubende district leaders meeting dubbed the community Baraza organized by the office of the prime minister at Uganda National Roads Authority offices in Mubende municipality.

In attendance was Hon Matia Kasaija minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Hon Edward Katumba Minister of Works and Transport, Hon Raphael Magyezi Minister for Local Government, Hon Aisha Sekindi Minster for State for Water and Environment, Hon Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune Minister for State for Microfinance and Small enterprise. Area members of parliament Hon Hope Grania Nakazibwe woman member of parliament, Hon Mbabazi Pascal Member of parliament for Buwekula county and Hon Lubega Bashiri Sempa Member of Parliament for Mubende municipality.

Prime Minister RT Hon Nabbanja Robinah noted that this engagement was aimed at discussing matters related to service delivery ie Parish development model, land issues, health, education, road construction works, water and sanitation.

Hon Nabbanja stressed that;”leaders in Mubende District have developed a habit of mixing politics with service delivery which deters development. Team work and Unity in service delivery are key factors which should be embraced for the future development of the district. ”

Hon Nabbanja appealed to the leaders in Mubende district to use the available opportunities put in place by the NRM government to enhance the development in this area.

She added that they need to focus on supporting the leadership that has the capacity to serve the people.

Hon Nabbanja also lectured the district leaders about good leadership skills which include time management, ability to make lawful decisions, ability to speak at big gatherings, ability to invest money, ability to do self evaluation, respect for one another etc

LCV chairman Mubende district Mr. Muhereza Ntambi Micheal informed the Prime Minister that Mubende district is challenge by the poor road network which has been facilitated by the absence of the district road units which were taken for service by the Ministry of Works and Transport entre close to one year now with out return.

The district leaders appreciated the minister for the initiative of community Barazas which brings the minister, technical officer local leaders at a round table discussion to look at the achievements, challenges and solutions.

Saturday, February 25, 2023