The resident district commissioner Mubende district has appealed to women to embrace government programs as a move to eradicate poverty out of their homes.

Resident district commissioner Mubende district Mrs Byabaisaija Rose Mary expressed this during the Womens day celebration held at Budibaga playground at Budibaga village Kalonga sub county Mubende district.

Mrs Byabaisaija while addressing the gathering stressed that the NRM government has always put the women at the fore front in politics, public servant employment, security, health, education etc and women have proven beyond doubt that they are hardworking and have been able to deliver service at all levels.

Byabaisaija added that “women should use the existing peace to embrace and engage in the available government programs to kick poverty out of their homes. Specialized programs like Uganda women’s Entrepreneurship program and other government programs like youth livelihood program, Emyooga and parish development model are all aimed at improving communities. Women should therefore take the lead and also empower their children by taking them to school so that they can have a bright future.”

Byabaisajia therefore appealed to the District Community Development officer to carry out more community sensitization meeting and mobilization of the women into groups to enable them understand, appreciate and also get funds through the various government programs targeting poverty eradication

Mr. Muhereza Ntambi Michela Lcv chairman Mubende district has appreciated the district council for approving the funds to facilitated the celebration of the women’s day and also promised to always render his support towards women’s engagements.

Mrs Ndagire Maria District community development officer Mubende district explained that the womens day celebration is aimed at having a self evaluation about women engagement in all cross cutting issues from leadership, health, education, economy and coming up with a solution and way forward on how to address the available gaps.

Mrs Ndagire stressed that; Mubende district has today marked the women’s day celebration under the theme “Gender Equality Today for Sustainable Development Tomorrow”, This year’s women’s day begun with a two days camp where women were trained in skills like liquid soap making, baking a cake, weaving and basket making. Domestic violence,

Mrs Katerega Fredia chairperson women’s council noted that women still lack enough information about the various government programs thus hindering them from benefiting from these programs.

Mrs Katerega therefore appealed members of the women council to always attend the council sitting at both the district and sub county level so that they are well equipped with information and always pass it down to their fellow women whom they represent

Thursday, April 7, 2022